Real estate and architecture

We invest in companies and use our investments to secure entrepreneurial activities in the business areas of medical, industrial, and information technology and real estate.

Medical technology and medicine

Our objective is the sustainable, long-term positioning of “hidden champions” with already high levels of expertise, including in the public eye.

Industrial technology

We advise traditional companies and innovative start-ups. We support them with private equity and venture capital, through active, operative and strategic dedication, and by applying relevant specialty expertise from within our network and drafting business plans.

Information technology

Central Europe Investment Group S.A. maintains, manages and develops attractive investment portfolios of direct investments.

Real estate and architecture

Central Europe Investment Group S.A. invests in innovative, mid-sized companies in the European real estate market that are primarily involved in redeveloping portfolio properties. Emphasis is placed on area development, urban construction, and structural projects for medium to large property portfolios. Construction plans, location developments, and restructuring are carried out with associated companies.

We are interested in real estate companies who turn ordinary or unattractive properties into marketable investments. Years of experience from various fields in the real estate industry form the foundation of our investments. Our passion lies in contemporary properties and functional, modern architecture for the living and working environments of today.

Medical technology and medicine

Today’s medicine needs entrepreneurial reinterpretation. Medicine oriented toward health and prevention requires investments in sustainable processes, and their implementation through the required technology. We invest in qualitative growth.

Central Europe Investment Group S.A. invests in companies in the medical sector that primarily work to further develop specialty and complementary medicine into sustainable, cause-based medicine. Emphasis is placed on process development and quality assurance for the treatment of digestive, organ, microbiome and immune system disorders caused by infections.

Our investments are based on years of experience with parts of the medical industry and our passion for establishing contemporary, cause-based medicine, made possible by modern technology and the usage of telemedicine and expert systems.

Industrial technology and progress

Central Europe Investment Group S.A. invests in industrial technology, and with it industrial progress on the basis of proven technology. Alongside involvement in young and strongly growing companies, our investments are primarily geared toward financing the growth of companies who are already firmly established on the market. We also support the implementation of business successions in the field of industrial technology that has been proven on the market.

Our firm belief that industrial progress must be built upon proven and innovative technology forms the foundation for our investment. Our passion lies in the productive combination of the tried and true with the innovative, of “tangible” technology of today with the possibilities of a digitalised tomorrow.

Information technology and the future

We invest in the future. The IT of the digital Industrial Revolution demands high security standards for information, communication and production. These make up a primary focus of our investment activities.

Central Europe Investment Group S.A. invests in IT companies who work with innovative products in the fields of medicine and industry, communication and information. The spectrum ranges from secure web applications and software for expert systems to apps for control systems.